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Create. Inspire. Experience!

Interested in Becoming a Dealer?

We encourage you to visit our front desk & request for a walk through of our current available booth listings

& see what fits your needs.

Please note that right now we have a large wait list. 

Dealer Lease Terms:

7 Months Commitment

Rent is Due Each Month on the 1st

(No Deposit is required)

Dealers to Price & Display their own merchandise

No sales permit required

Dealers are required to work 5 hours per month:

walk the floor or assist customers

$15 Fee will be accessed for those that choose
to not work the 5 hours

How Do We Support You?

Sales Tax is collected from customers &

submitted to the state

The Mall takes 8% of the Total Sales

Nightly Sales Reports are Sent Out

Dealers are paid Twice A Month

Please feel free to contact us with

any additional questions

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